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Osama rashaad gurpreet kaur kumar dawliwhal

Tarot Cards
A creature stands tall, his slim frame glows as storm clouds gather behind the lone hill he stands on. Another has to die.
Divinatory Meanings: This is a card of deep meaning, for you often have the tendancy to hurt and destroy those you love. You have a quick temper and thrive on violence, depression, and revenge.
Reversed: Strong willed, quick witted.
Angst: Strong feeling, stoic, regretful, revengeful.

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Hi, I'm Azumi, and if your reading this...What the flying fuck are you doing? XD. Ummm, lemme see, this is the spot where I am supposed to write something about myself, right? Well, I'm not even going to list my interests...Because you can just look down there *points down* ^_^;;